Make your own Senior Walker Zombie

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One of my favourite props is Scarefactory’s Senior Walkers which I first saw when I visited the Midwest Haunters Convention in Ohio.  The video below is a pneumatic groundbreaker which can be used as a senior walker.


Toronto Zombie Walk Commercial

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Gluing this to that

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So, while I was making a Halloween countdown sign to put on my lawn, made of styrofoam to wood; I had a predicament – what type of glue to use?  I bought glue from Hot Foam Factory but it glues styrofoam to styrofoam.  I searched on the internet and found this site called  It is a database that will allow you to enter the two things you are trying to attach – This to That.

Cheap 8′ tall Jack in the Box

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This is a brief how-to video I made for our jack in the box prop.  It isconstructed from about $20 worth of lumber, some wrapping paper scraps and scrounged materials (mask, blinking lights, scary latex gloves).  The first video shows how it was made and what the finished product looks like.  The second video is a closeup of the shoulders and inside of the JIB’s head.

Free Streaming movies on YouTube

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Did you know that YouTube is not limited to 10 minutes any more? Yes, yes its true! You can watch full movies on Youtube now. To see the list of YouTube horror movies click here. If you like classic horror this is the way to go!  Check it out!

Toronto Zombie Walk

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zombie logo

The 2009 Toronto Zombie Walk for sure is going to be the biggest one yet!  There is a lot going on this year for zombies, we had the zombie fiendraiser, The Toxic Avenger Zombie Scavenger Hunt (at the Taste of the Danforth), and the Toronto Zombie Walk: Special Director’s Cut Edition.

Still to come:

The Zombie Dance Party

Start Time:
Saturday, October 17, 2009 at 8:00pm
End Time:
Sunday, October 18, 2009 at 2:00am
The Zombie Lounge
319a Oakwood Ave
Toronto, ON

To join the facebook event click here

The Official Toronto Zombie Walk

When is the 2009 Toronto Zombie Walk?

The date of the 7th Annual 2009 Toronto Zombie Walk is Saturday October 24th at 3pm!

Where is the 2009 Toronto Zombie Walk?

The starting point this year is Trinity Bellwoods Park and the ending point is the Bloor Cinema.

Walk route:

  • Start-Trinity Bellwoods Park
  • Trinity Bellwoods to Dundas
  • East on Dundas to Kensington Ave.
  • North on Kensington Ave to Baldwin
  • West on Baldwin to Augusta
  • North on Augusta to College
  • West on College to Borden
  • North on Borden to Bloor st

End at Bloor and Bathurst

After the walk

As night creeps we invite you to attend Cinema of the Dead at the Bloor Cinema for a two for terror double ZOMBIE bill!

Fulci’s Zombie and Night of the Comet are the featured films! Doors at 6:30pm

Zombies pay 16 bones for the double feature, the living will have to cough up 20

toronto zombie walk

Air brushing a pumpkin head “tips and tricks”

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Air brushing is the art of painting with a spray gun attached to an air compressor and may appear intimidating.  Over time with a little practice you’ll become very comfortable.  The pumpkin in the video below was my first attempt at air brushing.  I gained this practical experience at the Midwest Haunters Convention in Columbus, Ohio from an air brushing workshop.

Consider these tips when you start your own air brushing project

Air brushing a pumpkin head

Determine your look and paint your colours in stages

Fresh pumpkins are vibrant orange with healthy brown stocks.  I wanted the pumpkin head to look rotten and that requires dark and dull colours.  You may want a mixing chart to help with mixing colours.


  1. Spray the entire surface with black paint.  Make sure to cover everything thick.
  2. When the surface is dried, lightly spray a dark earthy brown everywhere except in the eyes and mouth.  Make sure some of the black bleeds through.  The black will bleed through if you do not apply the paint think.
  3. Apply orange to the pumpkin surface, which is a combination of red and yellow.  The orange was applied thinner in the cracks, which allowed the black and brown to bleed through, and thicker along the ribs of the pumpkin creating a nice transition between black and orange.
  4. After applying all the colours, touch up the black around the eyes, mouth and in the deep cracks of the ribs to give defination.  Only apply black where there is a lack of black.
  5. Melissa Mcknight randomly applied daps of mossy green on the orange to represent mold, which blended in nicely.

Tip: Let the paint dry between each coat.

Mixing Paint

I’m using an inexpensive $30 paint sprayer.  You can find these spray guns at just about any hardware store that sells tools or has a paint department.  Mix your paint in a recycled can and when you have your colour ready consider adding roughly 15% water to the paint.  The spray gun clogged when straight latex paint was used.


You’re in control of the paint, feel confident using the spray gun. With minor adjustments to the spray gun and/or positioning yourself at various distances from the pumpkin head you can determine how much or little paint you apply, making it very accurate.  I found pumping the triger rapidly gave me more control over the spray gun.  Holding the spray gun 1 foot from the object will cover larger areas fast.  When working on detailed areas hold the spray gun closer to the object.  The closer you get to the pumpkin head the more control you have over the paint.

Tip: I used an air compressor setting of 100psi

Safety tips

Air brushing is fun but can stink of fumes.  Consider spraying the paint outside and wear a mask and safety glasses.

If you would like more detail leave a comment on this post.