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Make realistic EYES for your props

Mold Making, Casting: Slacker Silicone Rubber – Smooth-On

Huge Moving Spider Prop

Scary Pumpkin Tutorial


Paper Mache Pumpkin


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How to make a scary skull for Halloween

Part One:

Part Two:


This one can get a little expensive if you don’t have this stuff lying around the house.  Maybe you can find some of this stuff at yard sales.

Hot Glue Gun Spider Web Maker Tutorial

I love these web makers!  They look really realistic and they are pretty expensive to buy… so why not make one?

DIY Projector

Wow!! you have to watch this!! I can’t even believe how amazing this is!!

Gaping Hole in Stomach Costume



From the website Make

Technology and Halloween, how they work together!! This is one of the most creative  costumes I have ever seen!!  Unfortunately there is no tutorial for it but is kinda self explanatory (examine picture above).  Evan Booth built this Gaping Hole sweatshirt in late 2006, using a a portable DVD player with LCD in front, connected to the camera in the back by shoulder straps.

This is sure Brilliance, with video cameras being as small as a digital camera and the LCD screens are very flat it gives off a great illusion.

3D TV Screen


This is a cool effect and not a difficult one to make. You need an old tube style TV that you can destroy, a gear motor, a fake skull, and some stretchy black fabric. With flat screen TVs becoming increasingly popular, finding a TV to sacrifice isn’t hard these days. All you want from the TV is the casing. Remove and properly dispose of the tube and electronics but be careful as they can store high voltage. Once you have a TV case, you need to mount your gear motor right behind where the screen was. When mounting the motor, make sure the turning part is pointing up. For me this was easy as the circuit board mounting holes were close enough for me to use. Second, from the inside of the set you need to stretch your black fabric over where the screen was and glue it in place. Once your fabric is in place, mount your fake skull on the gear motor offset from the center. In doing this the skull will push into the fabric and move away from it, thus giving the effect that a skull is pushing out into the screen.


Fun Electric Chair

Monster in a box (really cheap!! the way I like it)

Spitting Snake

for a tutorial on how to do spitting/mister


Axe in back-with Squirting Blood

Video made for movie production but, it could work well in a haunt

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