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Zombies in Plain English

Zombie Tips and Websites

Makeup Tutorials

  1. Terror4Fun Zombie Makeup Guides
  2. Zombie Makeup Tips
  3. Zombiemaker.com
  4. Cheap Zombie Makeup Tips

Video Makeup Tutorials

  1. Zombie/Ghoul – Great Budget Horror Makeup
  2. Zombies! How-to special FX on the cheap
  3. Zero Budget Zombie Makeup

Makeup Supply Stores

  1. Creeped Out
  2. Malabar

Zombie websites

Evil Dead 1 & 2 – The Musical

The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency

Zombie Squad

Zombie Nation.net
All Things Zombie
American Cannibal Society
Anubis Digital’s Halloween Zombie Party

Blog of the Living Dead
Chicago Zombie March 2008
Cinema Nocturna
Classic Zombie Movies
Darkest Day of the Dead
Dawn Of The Remake
dawn of the zombies
Day by day armageddon
Dead Looters

Dead Rekindled: Tribute to the trilogy
Dead Rush
Dead Swamp
Dead Trilogy HQ
Deathbreed: A Zombie Novel
Die ZombieJäger
Down the Road: A Zombie Horror Story
EVE of the DEAD – A Zombie Novel of Apocalyptic Terror by Nathan Tucker
Evil Extreme
Find me a Zombie

Flesh Crawl
Fresh Dead Flesh
Horror Attic – Hellish and Horrific
I Love Zombies Page
I Was A Teeenage Zombie – The Musical
I Was A Teenage Zombie – And They Turned My Life Into A Musical

In The Event Of A Zombie Attack
Infected: A 28 Days later fanpage
InfiniteCoolness.com – Zombie Store
Kevin McCallister vs. Night of The Living Dead @ WWWF Grudge Match
Last Rites of the Dead
Lost Zombies
Mail Order Zombie
Moral Flexibility.Net
My Pet Zombies

Myzery Creations
New Dimensions
Night of the Living Dead T-Shirts
Night Zero – A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Photographic Comic
Ninja Zombies
Oasis @ Story Hack
Official film site of Screamer
Philly Zombie Crawl
Polly and Esther’s tea party
Psychosomatic Rants
Reign of the Dead
Revenant Magazine
Risen, Officical Site
Sick On Sin
Special Dead
Spooky Dead James’ Zombie Survival Guide
tarmans basement
Terror4fun’s Horror Events
The 3rd Annual DC Zombie Lurch
The Blogging Dead
The Breathing Dead a zombie tale
The Dead Outside – british zombie horror film
The Dead Walk Diaries official site
The Definitive Zombie Movie List
The Edison Death Machine Official site

The Forever Dead
The Infected
The Morningstar Saga
The Return of the Living Dead Website
The Zombie Bar
The Zombie Emporium: Books and Films That Are Rotten to the Core
Trash & Suicide’s Return of the Living Dead
Ultimate Zombie Book List
Undead Online
Undead World Trilogy
Video Review – Zombie Flesh Eaters
Vision’s Zombie List

White Zombie + Rob Zombie Fansite : Zombie Land 2
Xombie – The Animated Series
Z Day is Here
Zombie Commandos From Hell
Zombie Farm (2007) the Movie
Zombie Friends
Zombie Graphics- Dark art
Zombie Hunter
Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead TV show
Zombie Junky
Zombie Lore

Zombie Mall
Zombie me art
Zombie Merchandise
Zombie Movie Database
Zombie Movies
Zombie Night
Zombie Night 2
Zombie Portraits
zombie protection
Zombie Pub Crawl
Zombie Scribe
Zombie Swag
Zombie Tools

Zombies are People Too, Just a Little Deader
Zombies on the Web
zombies outside
Zompire: The Undead Film Festival


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