The Powerhouse Of Terror

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This year I am at the Powerhouse of Terror.  It is Toronto’s /GTA’s most terrifying Halloween Haunted attraction.  Check out the website






Fiji Mermaid How to

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I made a fiji mermaid for our CarnEvil haunt this year but I made it with paper mache and I guess it would be more considered just  a mermaid because of the size.  This is a great tutorial on how to make a traditional fiji mermaid

Make your own sculpting clay

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This clay is great!! check out the video to learn how to make it yourself

CarnEvil Scary Attraction

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Free Haunted House in Oshawa with a Food Donation (nut-free- healthy cereal, granola bars, oatmeal).  This is a very scary haunted house not recommended for young children.  With Live actors and unique set design.

Location: 868 Corbett’s Rd. Oshawa, L1K 2E1

Dropping Portrait Scare Tutorial

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One of the classic scares for a haunted house is the Dropping portrait. did a video tutorial to make your very own drop down portrait.  Here is a diagram from their website:

Learn from Horror Films

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After you have chosen your theme for your haunted house you can find ideas and details from your favorite movies.  For example I am doing a circus/carnival theme for our haunted house this year.  You can get ideas for set design, make up, costumes, characters, etc. You could watch movies like

Clown House

Big Fish

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane

I am developing a character after Bette Davis’ character Baby Jane Hudson.

Make realistic EYES for props

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Learn how to make Realistic Eyes for your props.

close up of the eyes

Watch this great tutorial I made